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Nong Min dies from lung infection at Rajavithi hospital

The 25-year-old Thai girl, Ms Rapeeporn Min Nasa-an, who made a miracle recovery from a near fatal heart attack while in South Korea in March this year and declared out of danger and returned in stable condition to Bangkok for treatment at Rajavithi Hospital in April, died yesterday morning from lung infection.

Dr Sakarn Bunnag, a doctor of Internal Medicine at the hospital, said she was under a respirator at all times and sadly had contracted a lung infection.

This was worsened when she succumbed to septicemia and tragically died, he said.

Nong Min had made a miraculous recovery from a heart attack which occurred when she was travelling in South Korea and later returned home to Thailand.

Doctors stated that when Nong Min had heart attack, she had suffered an extended period of loss of oxygen to the brain which led to a coma.

When she returned to Thailand she was being treated at the ICU unit at the Ratchavithi Hospital and had to be helped with a respirator almost continuously.

Doctors had tried to allow to breathe on her own without the respirator but found that she was unable to do so.

According to her father who was with her said that late Sunday night, her heart had stopped beating and doctor tried to revive her for more than 10 minutes.

Her blood pressure continued to drop and she finally died at 4.00 am yesterday.

Her parents went on to say that they understood that their daughter's condition had worsened because of her weak physical condition even though doctors had tried to help her to the best of their abilities.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)