“Noi Nae” dances to worship the Naga before starting the MCOT RUN event.

Nakhon Phanom, “Noi Nae” Vanessa Samaksaruti, female host and news anchor from the Thai News Agency. Naga worship dance and join the activity along with the management team of MCOT PCL for good fortune before starting the MCOT RUN, year-end marathon in Nakhon Phanom Province tomorrow.

Atmosphere along the Mekong River, Nakhon Phanom Province, "Noi Nae" Vanessa Samaksaruti, a talented female host and news anchor for the Thai News Agency, wearing a Thai Nakhi costume. Worship dance in honor of Phaya Srisattanakarat For good fortune and represents a good sign Before tomorrow morning (10 Dec. 2023), there will be the MCOT RUN 2023 activity, field 4 in Nakhon Phanom Province, with many people traveling for a long holiday. Walking street area along the Mekong River They all stopped and stood to watch the sacrificial dance. and take pictures as souvenirs

“Noi Nae” revealed that it was a good feeling to travel to the statue of Lord Sri Sattanakarat. Which is a famous landmark of Nakhon Phanom Province. You can admire the Naga worship ceremony. and had the opportunity to practice dancing in order to come to attend the ceremony today and is a representative of the organizing committee For the good fortune of organizing MCOT RUN, we are also glad to join in promoting community tourism in Nakhon Phanom Province on the Mu route as well.

Mr. Phatiyuth Jaisawang, Executive Vice President Product line Acting Director General of MCOT PCL. revealed that MCOT RUN 2023, Field No. 4 in Nakhon Phanom Province, is the last field of this year. In addition to promoting health It is also an environmentally friendly Low Carbon Run Challenge by planting trees according to the number of runners in each field. which received good response And next year there will be running activities in another 5 fields and adding a Virtual Run competition. I want fans to continue following the project. In addition, MCOT is committed to producing quality media for viewers on all channels. and also confirms that it will continue to be the leading quality media in Thailand

In this regard, the MCOT RUN 2023 activity joins in the environmentally friendly Low Carbon Run Challenge, field 4 in Nakhon Phanom Province on Sunday morning, December 10, 2023. There are scheduled to be 3 running distances: Phase 1 Fun Run 5.4 kilometers, Phase 2 Mini Marathon 10.5. Kilometers, Stage 3 Half Marathon 21 kilometers, marathon running field this time. It has been rated as having the best atmosphere and weather in Thailand. Runners will be able to experience the beauty of the Mekong River. Morning mist With the atmosphere of the coolest breeze. at a maximum distance of 21 kilometers at the starting point in the Phaya Si Sattanakarat area and an important check-in point in Nakhon Phanom Province and the turning point at the 3rd Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge.

However, the MCOT RUN 2023 activity is supported by Nakhon Phanom Province and related network agencies. Has supported MCOT PCL. to participate in organizing activities. It is also a way to publicize and support tourism in the province. and generate income for the local area as well.

Source: Thai News Agency