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NLA to deliberate anti graft bill

The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) will today deliberate a bill that will ban state officials to receive gifts, bribes, or play golfs with businessmen

The bill is a part of the government effort to restore good governance and rid off existing spoil system in the bureaucratic regime.

Spoil system is always blamed to either obstruct or impede the improvement of bureaucratic efficiency, thus wrecking the morale of good and hardworking officials in working.

This forces many of them who were not treated equally to leave state jobs.

The NLA met today to deliberate the bill and to plug all loopholes in the existing laws that it said could help to stop malpractice and corruption.

It saw that receiving gifts or playing golfs with businessmen could be a conflict of interest, and therefore these activities should be banned to prevent corruption.

On the judicial aspect, the NLA also viewed that lengthy process in seeking justices should be shortened to ensure justices, and damaged persons from wrong judgment must be compensated speedily.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)