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New clues in death of graduate at Golden Mountain Temple

The metropolitan police are investigating the mystery surrounding the death of a Bangkok University's graduate if he attempted to take his own life or was assaulted while walking meditation at Phu Khao Thong (Golden Mountain) inside Wat Saket temple last week.

The graduate was found lying unconsiously with head injury and was rushed to hospital but died later.

Initial investigation indicated he took his own life from stress.

But the theory was later changed after blood stains were found on the temple bell and adjacent makeshift hut.

Video footages at the temple captured him walking meditation several rounds up and down the stairs of the mountain temple.

Acting commissioner of Metropolitan Police Bureau Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathavorn said police investigators would reinvestigate after blood stains were found at a temple bell and the makeshift hut.

Blood samples and finger prints at both places would be tested if they matched his blood or not, he said.

He said the victim's parents were appointed to see the investigators today to look into other possible cause in case of suicide attempt.

So far police haven't ruled out any possibility, he said.

He said the graduate was seen in the video footage of the temple walking meditation for an hour from 03.17 am till 04.02 am.

He said at 05.30 am, a nun at the temple heard noisy shouts as if the noise maker was trying to relief himself from stress.

Shortly afterwards, sound of bell hitting was heard a moment and then silence returned, he said.

He said at 06.30 am, a monk walked up the stairs to clean the areas, he found the graduate lying unconsiously on the ground.

He alerted rescue workers who later arrived and rushed him to hospital, the acting commissioner added.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)