“Nalini” emphasizes that she is not a relative of the Prime Minister. Even though the last name is the same

Nalini" clearly explains that she is not on the US blacklist. Confirming that there is evidence showing transparency I emphasize that I am not a relative of the Prime Minister. Even though the last name is the same

Mrs. Nalinee Thaweesin, Thai Trade Representative Revealing the case of some media agencies Presenting the news that he is on the blacklist of the United States. Since the time of Prime Minister Yingluck's government and suggesting that she withdraw from her position because she is not dignified, she said that this matter is old information that has caused misunderstandings since more than 10 years ago. and he had already explained that It is a misunderstanding about finances and property. Later, the United States Asset Control Office checked all the facts. and there was an official notification that his name had been withdrawn. Therefore, if it were not true, the US authorities would not issue a certification document. Meanwhile, everyone can also check the information on the official US website.

“He has a visa to enter the United States. and was also invited to attend the United States National Day event. at the United States Embassy Thailand events are held regularly, including this year. Therefore, I would like to appeal to the media and society to understand the truth. It is believed that the relevant agencies have examined the information until they are confident and have thus appointed him. In this regard, he would like to use his knowledge and experience both in the position of Minister in the Prime Minister's Office. and two-time Thai Trade Representative, as well as the existing international cooperation network to benefit Thailand the most. In addition, I would like to emphasize that even though I have the same surname as the Prime Minister, But they are not relatives and have never known each other personally before. In the past, I met the Prime Minister in person for the first time during the last election campaign at Muang Thong Thani Stadium,” Mrs. Nalini said.

Source: Thai News Agency

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