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NACC’s Anti-Corruption Toolbox

The Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has moved to expand its proactive anti-corruption drive by launching the webpage "Anti-Corruption Toolbox.”

The toolbox is a set of resources of information and knowledge about anti-corruption initiatives, projects, education programs, media production, and other related activities. It is a result of the "STRONG” project, carried out by the NACC to promote awareness and intolerance toward corruption in communities nationwide.

The objective of developing the Anti-Corruption Toolbox is to encourage the participation of all sectors of society in anti-corruption efforts. It is also meant to function as a platform for the sharing of information, experiences, lessons learned, and best practices in the fight against corruption.

Anti-corruption networks in civil society, as well as in the public, private, and people’s sectors, will benefit from this platform, which is intended to serve as a center against corruption and a channel of the "TaC Team” – "Together against Corruption” – to promote synergy among all sectors for the anti-corruption drive.

In the process of developing the Anti-Corruption Toolbox, criteria have been set to promote information disclosure, create transparency, follow-up on monitoring, and enhance public participation.

The NACC has arranged more than 250 types of toolboxes divided into 18 categories, to be found at the website

Source: The Government Public Relations Department