Myanmar rapper arrested after criticizing junta

Myanmar's famous rapper. The man who criticized the junta over a widespread power outage has been arrested. According to the Myanmar army He was arrested for spreading propaganda. which is the latest in which the Myanmar authorities have cracked down on people with dissent

The army's public relations team said in a statement yesterday that the famous rapper Byu Har was arrested for instigating the country's peace and stability and committing propaganda acts. But the statement did not say Have charges been filed against Chow? or where he was detained

Posted a video on his Facebook account with hundreds of thousands of followers Tuesday. Blame the junta for widespread power outages in recent weeks. He mocked General Minh Aung Hlaing, leader of the junta, and said: The power system was better organized during Aung San Suu Kyi's democratic civilian government.

Byu Ha is the son of a prominent composer who goes by the pseudonym Naing Myanmar, whose song was widely sung during protests against the military that seized power in February. 2021.

Source: Thai News Agency