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MRTA to distribute 200,000 Mangmoom cards from June 23

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) will from June 23 begin to distribute the first lot of 200,000 Mangmoom cards to general people, schoolchildren, students and the elderly.

The distribution began on Friday (June 22) at ticketing windows at all stations of the MRT Purple Line. Each people can take only one card, which will be usable from June 23. The card will be distributed until all of the 200,000 are handed out.

During an initial stage, the card, which is supposed to be used with all rapid transit systems in Bangkok, can be used only with MRT Purple Line (Bang YaiTao Poon) and MRT Blue Line (Hua LampongBang Sue). The card cannot yet be used with BTS Sky Train as the terms and conditions of use are still being negotiated.

To get a Mangmoom card, the people can simply show an ID card to MRTA officials to register for use. After the registration has been recorded in the system, each people will get one card.

The first minimum deposit of money in the card is 150 baht. The card can be first used with the MRT Purple Line (Bang YaiTao Poon).

The card can be refilled with a minimum amount of 100 baht. The maximum value of the care is 2,000 baht.

For the general people, the card will be available between June 2329 and July 25. A total of 16,000 will be handed out per day � 1,000 per day at each station.

As for schoolchildren, students and the elderly can turn up for the card between June 30July 1. A total of 5,000 will be available for those in each of the three categories � 312 per day at each station.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)