MPs move forward, confident “20 baht electric train” will definitely fail.

Surachet" is confident that the "electric train - 20 baht common ticket throughout the line" will definitely fail. Suggests speeding up improvements - subsidizing bus users first.

The Kao Klai Party list discussed and noted the 20 baht electric train policy throughout the line, seeing that such policy was the flagship policy of the Pheu Thai Party. There have been campaigns for such policies many times. Including 3 Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Transport and also the Prime Minister. Joining the Minister of Finance responsible for overseeing the budget If the government truly intends to implement such a policy must be included in government policy But it was not included in the policy statement. By specifying only that Investing in roads, rail, rail and air has no clear direction. Contrary to the campaign of the Pheu Thai Party. who campaigned for 20 baht throughout the line by the Pheu Thai Party Confirmed through the party's website that Will accelerate negotiations with various sectors. Let the private sector reduce prices To make the fare for the Bangkok Skytrain 20 baht throughout the line within 3 months, which Mr. Surachet believes that even if the company agrees But the shar eholders did not agree. And I don't believe that The government will be able to negotiate successfully within 3 months.

Mr. Surachet also views that the "20 baht policy along the route" that the Pheu Thai Party intends to do must be 20 baht throughout the route. Because Thailand's electric trains are divided into many colored lines. and can cross the line Including a 20 baht joint ticket or joint fare. that is not yet clear Because what the Pheu Thai Party has proposed is a common fare of 20 baht throughout the line and will also have to rely on the draft Common Ticket Act. that will be a tool for managing money for services At this time, the House of Representatives has not considered anything, so it is certain that the government will definitely not be able to do it within 3 months. And in the past in 2011, the former Minister of Transport from the Pheu Thai Party in the government, Ms. Yingluck Chin. Wat, former Prime Minister Came out to accept that That policy has failed. can't do it Because it will affect private shareholders and lawsuits may occur.

Mr. Surachet still does not support the government implementing the 20 baht electric train policy throughout the line because if the government were to implement it Large subsidies will be required. To support the upper middle class which is much more than the people who use public buses And the government should subsidize bus users first. Because if the government were to subsidize the cost of the electric train The people who will benefit are the people who live in condominiums. Around the train station And there is still the problem of traveling to the BTS station which is still difficult. Even if the government subsidizes a lot of money It did not cause many people to use the service. Because before people arrive at the station It still costs more than using the electric train, so the government should reconsider giving importance to capillaries. More than the major arteries. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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