Mother “Es Kantapong” appeared in the comments of her daughter-in-law. After seeing the picture, the son’s condition is still critical.

Nine Entertainment, May 19 – Many people continue to monitor symptoms. For a talented hero "S-Kantapong Bamrungrak" after falling unconscious in the middle of the event until he had to be taken to the hospital Symptoms are still worrisome

As for the wife, "Christina Winkler" periodically updates her husband's condition for fans to know. Now it's still critical and treating according to the symptoms. see each other day by day ready to post pictures of daughter "Little Valentina" sat and watched her father's condition beside the bed. and also send encouragement and pray for a speedy recovery

The mother of young S. came to comment that "Son of S. Kantapong, Bamrungrak of the mother Must be back to normal as usual soon, son. Your family and everyone is waiting for you.”

Source: Thai News Agency