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Mor May is still joining the charity run

Mor May or Dr Samitada Sangkapo, a specialist in health and rehabilitation sciences of Praram 9 hospital is still working at the hospital and has not resigned.

She is still in the team of medical personnel giving medical care to Rocker star Toon Bodyslam and his team members on the 2,191- kilometre charity run from Betong to Mae Sai.

The assurance of her status at Phraram 9 hospital came from the caretaker of the Kao Kon La Kao charity run Ithipol Samutthong or known as Pok following her resignation was posted and went viral on the Internet.

The post said she resigned after her two-month leave was not permitted by the hospital's management.

Ithipol told Thai PBS that Mor May is still working at the hospital and is taking care of all members of the running team.

He also said the hospital has given support for the team and the charity run.

I can say on her behalf that she didn't resign and she is still giving good support to the team. A claim of politics does no good but only create conflict.

This run is a great charity activity and should not be messed with politics as it intends to raise fund for 11 state hospitals.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)