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Monk accused of using Dhammakaya’s money to invest in stock market

Former acting abbot of Wat Dhammakaya, Phra Tattachivo, is facing charge of malfeasance in office under Section 157 of the Criminal Code for allegedly investing temple's money in the stock market.

Mr Kachornsak Putthanuparb, a special prosecutor of the Inquiry Office 3 who is involved in investigating the alleged money laundering and receiving stolen property cases against Phra Dhammachayo, said the probe panel had found evidence showing Phra Tattachivo withdrawing money from the temple's bank account to invest in the stock market.

In his capacity as the acting abbot of the temple, he said Phra Tattachivo was regarded as an authority in accordance with Section 157 of the Criminal Code.

The special prosecutor went on saying that more evidence of wrongful acts by the acting abbot or other senior monks might emerge as the probe team digs deeper.

Besides the investment in the stock market, he said separate probe teams had been investigating other doubtful activities such as using temple's money to buy land plots for their own interests.

In the meantime, deputy spokesman of the Department of Special Investigation Pol Maj Woranan Srilum dismissed as groundless a news report that the DSI had offered one million baht reward for any individual who could provide information which would lead to the arrest of Dhammachayo.

However, he admitted that officials had discussed about regulation concerning the use of money to buy information which could help in probing the Dhammakaya-related cases.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)