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Monastic corruption scandal goes to national graft buster for further probe and action

The Counter Corruption Division (CCD) police will officially ask the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) today to handle further investigation into the monastic corruption scandal involving monks, laymen and state officials after eight individuals were found to be involved.

The CCD's movement to pass on the probe to the more powerful graft buster came after the Office of the National Buddhism (ONAB) set up a disciplinary committee to probe and penalise its current officials in the scandal.

Initially ONAB officials named suspects in the corruption scandal involving in state grants to temples for renovation and repairs purposes are banned to be involved in any documents.

However they are not yet suspended from duties.

According to the CCD police more than eight individuals were involved in the monastic corruption network.

ONAB director-general Pol Lt Col Pongporn Pramsaneh said the CCD police have met NAOB officials to discuss about the scandal with eight suspects allegedly misappropriating 60 million baht in the grant during the fiscal year 2013-2016.

Two suspects are still working at ONAB.

He said the CCD police have urged the NAOB to notify its official who was a suspect to report to answer the charge.

For other suspects at ONAB who have not yet acknowledged the allegation, the CCD police asked the ONAB to ban them from involving with the documents and works that may have affected the investigation.

CCD police commander Pol Maj Gen Kamol Reanracha said that according to the investigation, two more suspects were

found involving in the case.

They are relatives and familiar with the eight suspects.

The eight suspects will face more charges but he declined to elaborate.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)