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Missing farmer found in pickup truck sunk in his own pond

A 63-year-old farmer who went missing for over a week was found dead yesterday (Nov 14) in his pickup car sunk in a pond which he used water for farming.

The farmer was identified as Plod Nualklangdon, a resident of Tambon Takian in Dan Khuntod district of Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Police and volunteers from Hook 31 Rescue went to the pond in Village 8 after the village headman Boontham Cherdwong asked for help as he suspected that a car might be in the pond as there were several traces showing a vehicle might skid and fall into the 10-metre deep pond.

Divers went down the pond and they later located a pickup truck at the bottom of the pond.

The truck was pulled out and was found to be a blue Nissan pickup which Plod's wife had earlier reported him went missing after driving out a week ago to visit his sick mother in Kham Talaesor district.

The body was inside the vehicle and later identified by his wife.

According to his wife, he didn't arrive at his sick mother's home and couldn't get in touch with since he left. She also said her husband always drink and get drunk.

She told police that the pond is used for farming and consumption. It is so deep because her husband it was excavated for soil to sell to construction contractors for landfill purpose.

Police said Plod might be drunk at wheel and accidentally drove into the pond.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)