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Massive predawn drug busts in Bangkok launched

A combined force of over 200 narcotics suppression police, commando police and soldiers launched a predawn drug busts today on 19 targets in the capital's high density residential areas in the second massive drug offensive within a month.

The predawn drug bust codenamed Midtown Bangkok Daybreak Drug Offensive 2/60 is aimed at stopping drug abuses by dwellers in the communities or urban poor to turn to drugs, while also preventing the smuggling of drugs into their urban communities.

It focused on 19 suspected targets locating in high density community areas of Bangkok's nine districts.

In one search at Talingchan district, two suspects were arrested for having marijuana in possession. Urine test also showed they were positive for drugs.

Another search in Thungkru district, a 17-year-old youth was arrested for drug. He pleaded guilty to consuming drug but not a drug courier.

The narcotics police said they will wrap up the results of the massive drug busts late today.

The first massive drug bust on May 3 netted a large number of drug addicts and dealers.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)