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Manhunt on for the last Uighur escapee

Police are still hunting for the 10th Uighur illegal immigrant who has evaded police dragnet while nine other fellow countrymen who escaped from the immigration's detention centre in Nong Khai on Monday.

The escapee, Rashit Hashim, 22, a Turkish national of Uighur descent, was spotted in CCTV footage at about 1.20 pm on Tuesday walking alone on a road, wearing a purple T-shirt and blue shorts, a hat and a backpack.

Police suspected that Hashim broke away from the other escapees to scout the escaping route. But shortly at about 1.40 pm, the nine Uighur escapees were rounded up by police in the bushes behind Wat Ban Nong Kham.

Searches of the nine arrested Uighurs' backpacks unveiled dried food and coffee which were given to them while they were detained. Police suspected that the food was meant for long journey in their escape.

Witnesses told police that they spotted a man with a backpack walking toward Udon Thani. A police team was later dispatched to the scene where the man was spotted and believed to be heading, but they found no traces of anyone that matched the witnesses' account.

Police however said they suspected Hashim might hide himself during the daytime and tried to escape at night to avoid police detection.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)