“Madame Pang” is troubled after receiving a job from the old association.

Bangkok, "Madame Pang" admits to being troubled after handing over work from the old association. Ready to set up an additional investigation team. and prepare to move forward to solve the referee problem Football Association of Thailand Organize a meeting of the board of directors There is progress in organizing the 74th FIFA Congress meeting, action plans for the medical committee, and the referee committee. Including agenda items that require resolution from the board council. In receiving reports on assets, liabilities and commitments of the association, management guidelines for Thai League Company Limited, the meeting resolved to appoint "Madame Pang" Nuanphan Lamsam, president of the association, as chief executive officer of Thai League Company Limited. By "Madame Pang" said after the meeting that Delivered reports on assets, liabilities, and various commitments. of the old association has been completed There are many issues that are worrisome. It is necessary to set up an additional investigation committee in this area to provide comprehensive coverage. and to find further conclusions For the referee There was also discussion at the meeting. To find short-term and long-term solutions By drawing lots with additional conditions. Plan to create more referees in order to provide the association with more quality referee options. To reduce the problem of incorrect judgment Because I understand the feelings of the team members. especially football fans which is very important The 4th meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on Monday, May 13th. Source: Thai News Agency