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LPG gas plant in Phrapradaeng ordered to cease operation temporarily

The Central Administrative Court yesterday ordered Siam Gas and Petrochemical (SGP) to cease its gas transportation operation at its Phrapradaeng plant in Samui Prakarn following complaints and suspecion of its safety standards by residents in the areas.

The court also sent its representatives to the plant for site inspection with relevant government officials and later came out with the injunction after finding the licence issuance process by some state agencies skeptical.

The court has found that SGP has applied for licences to construct the Siam Suksawas port to operate its commercial cargo transport services.

However, the licenses approved by four relevant state agencies do not specify exactly if liquefied petroleum gas or coals can be transported.

The court earlier began hearing of the case after a group of 43 villagers in Phra Pra Daeng district filed a complaint with the Central Administrative Court asking it to revoke the licenses issued to SGP amid growing concern that the cargo it transported from its plant or depot by ships might be gas and coast which are detrimental to environment it leaks or not handled properly.

Now the depot was installed with 17 huge gas tanks of a 100-tonne capacity each.

Residents who lived before the plant would come question why the plant was able to get licenses to build gas depot in residential areas.

But the plant management claimed it has world class gas detection system used in all global gas storage and gas filling plants.

Besides, the plant is located 90 metres precisely from the Suksawas road and meet all official regulations and law, whereas the security system has passed the standard test carried out by a company under the Department of Energy Business (DOEB).

It said it has completed all constructions permitted under the 22 approved licenses and is now in the process of applying for a license to legally use the plant, the last license required for it to move forward with its 1.5 billion baht liquefied petroleum gas business.

A SGP executive assured that the company has been in the gas business for the past 50 years, and has become expertise on the matter

We are very aware of the safety, not only on the plant but of the people in the area, she assured.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)