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Last resort building torn down in first campaign to reclaim Phu Tab Berk hill

A combined force of several hundreds of forestry, social development, police, soldiers and district officials continued to dismantle illegally built resorts on Phu Tab Berk mountain yesterday with the last of the 19 resorts ordered by court to leave was knocked down by heavy machinery.

A force of 800 security personnel has been brought in to provide security after several death threats were received from unknown individuals.

The force has been divided into eight teams and were deployed at all the access roads to Phu Tab Berk.

Checkpoints were also erected to effectively deter trespassers gaining entry. Persons not directly involved in the mountain reclamation effort are not allowed to enter the area under any circumstances.

The last resort building torn down buildings is the Bhutan Resort.

It is the last resort in the first batch of 19 resorts targeted for demolition.

Before the actual demolishing, a team of Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) from the 1st Cavalry Division carried out a detailed inspection on the premises before officials from the Phetchabun Provincial Ministry of Social Development and Human Security were allowed to enter to make their own inspection, and remove all the assets and private belongings on the property.

Only then were the tear-down of all the structures allowed to proceed.

The removed assets were then stored at the 28th Cavalry Battalion barracks in Lom Sak district in Phetchabun province.

The demolition of the last resort took six hours to finish.

The officials are now discussing whether to proceed directly with the second batch of properties or to wait for court's orders before moving ahead.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)