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Labour Minister Prepares Visit to Flood Victims in South

On 16 February 2017, Labour Minister General SirichaiDistakul is scheduled to visit SuratThani province and follow up on assistance measures provided to victims of the flooding by the Ministry of Labour's affiliated units. The Labour Minister will also commence the Moving Forward Together project at Suptawee Local Administration Office, where he will meet the people and distribute emergency survival kits.

The Moving Forward Together project is part of the flood victims' alleviation plan in SuratThani, a collaborative effort by the social and government sector. The project aims to provide alleviation in terms of employment and health, as well as encourage and motivate the people to return to normal living conditions. The project is scheduled to be launched 5 times and comprises activities to involve the local people in post-disaster restoration. The Permanent Secretary of Labour's Office has deployed emergency employment and skills development activities, the Department of Employment has organized mobile units to display job vacancies, the Department of Skills Development will provide professional training on automobile, electrical appliance and agricultural tool maintenance, the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare will inspect companies to ensure workplace safety and the Social Security Office will launch measures for social protection such as extend the deadline for payment of contributions by 3 months (January � March 2017) without the 2 percent interest penalty. The Labour Minister emphasized that success would not be evident without collaboration by the people and state officials.

Source: Ministry of Labour