“Kru Pum” believes it is a miracle. “Kru Chonlathee” recovered after 15 minutes of cardiac arrest.

Nine Entertainment, May 11 – This afternoon (May 11, 2023) "Krupum Sasiwimon" wife, life partner "Teacher Chonlatee Thanthong" updated her husband's condition with the Nine Entertainment news team. Previously, "Teacher Chonlathee" had a collapse, the heart stopped beating for 15 minutes, more than 20 doctors helped to pump the heart back. And closely watched the symptoms in the ICU, the family hoped for a miracle. Let the doctor treat him to the fullest, but make up his mind. Because the teacher was hurt and very tired already.

It seems that a miracle has really happened because "Kru Pum" has updated that recently "Kru Chonlatee" has improved a lot, the pressure is normal, the eyes can be opened and blinked, although he is still not sure if he opened his eyes or not. But it's a good sign. They also know who has come to visit.

Source: Thai News Agency

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