“Kong-Somkiat” finished 3rd, winning the first home race podium.

Buriram, "Kong-Somkiat" twists for the nation! Rising to grab the great Moto2 Home Race podium after finishing 3rd at the 2023 World Championship, 17 OR Thailand Grand Prix.

"Kong" Somkiat Chantra, the top Thai rider from the "Honda Race to the Dream" project, has succeeded! Soaring to grab the home race podium in front of hundreds of thousands of Thai speed fans at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province, after winning 3rd place in the Moto2 World Championship 2023, field 17, OR Thailand Krang. Grand Prix

By Somkiat made a record as the first Thai rider in history to grab the podium in the "Home Grand Prix" for the Moto2 competition.

Source: Thai News Agency