“Joshua” to defend the SEA Games men’s 400-meter championship

Cheer Thai with all your heart. To the gold medalist of the SEA Games 2023 Athletics today, won 9 gold medals, winning "Joshhua" to defend the men's 400-meter sprint championship.

Athletics today won 9 gold medals, in the morning it was a qualifying round. Which the weather is considered not as hot as yesterday by running 400 meters, heat 2, Joshua Robert Atkinson, Thai-Australian runner, owner of 4 gold medals, the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam defending this championship Before running to support the finish line in 3rd place at 47.17 seconds, it reached the finals this evening at 4:45 p.m., 1st place Umar Osman from Malaysia 47.11 seconds, 2nd place Federick Ramirez From the Philippines, 47.12 seconds, while heat number 1, Lucky Yuyama, a rising star runner from Thailand Came to start the sprint in the last 100 meters, but only managed to finish in 4th place in 48.03 seconds, unfortunately missing the final.

While athletics yesterday competed for 10 gold medals in the men's 1,500 meter final. The Thai national team sent Kirin Tantiwet, a Thai-American runner with Pongsakorn Suksawat, to compete, with Kirin attached to the turbo to accelerate the sprint during the last 100 meters, reaching the finish line first in 3 minutes 58.51 seconds, winning the first gold medal. with myself in this SEA Games And it is Kirin's third gold medal in the SEA Games. After the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines in 2019, Kirin won two gold medals in the 5,000m and 10,000m. Before the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam, Kirin withdrew due to injury, a silver medal for Vietnam and a bronze medal for Indonesia. 4 minutes 05.98 seconds by Kirin, there are still two gold medal hunting programs left: 5,000 meters this evening at 5:00 p.m. and 10,000 meters on May 11.

In the 4 × 400 meter medley relay, the Thai national team consisting of Supanich Poolkerd, Sarawut Nuansri, Benny Nonthanam and Joshua Robert Atkinson finished second. Won the silver medal in 3 minutes 23.02 seconds, the gold medal in Vietnam 3 minutes 21.27 seconds, the bronze medal in the Philippines 3 minutes 23.69 seconds.

As for the progress of the injury of "Bew" Phuriphon Boonsorn, the whirlwind of the Thai national team, whose left thigh muscle spasms in the 200 men's final run. Last evening, the association confirmed that it had to rest for at least 1 month and would likely not compete in the other two events, including the men's 4 × 100 meter relay and the men's 100 meter run, because they had to take a break to catch up with the championship. Asia Coming, but "Bew" will still be cheering for Thai national teammates until the end of the SEA Games in Cambodia, whose latest symptom progress can be tracked in today's evening news.

Sailing-windsurfing Last day of racing yesterday in the city of Sihanoukville The Thai sailing team won 2 gold medals from ILCA 6 women's class from Torfan Bunnak, silver medal from Singapore, bronze medal from Malaysia, and 1 gold medal from Optimist mixed doubles Chanathip Thongklum and Phachara. Phan Ongkhaloy won a silver medal in Singapore, a bronze medal in Malaysia, and the Thai sailing team also received two silver medals from Athit Mikel in the men's ILCA 7 and Thanaphat Siricharoen in the men's ILCA 4. and 1 bronze medal from Suthon Yampinit and Sutida Poonphat, mixed doubles category 29 ER

After the Thai men's national football team entered the field in the third match, the first round Group B defeated Laos 4-1, with the Thai team receiving a goal from Yosakorn Burapha who scored 2 goals in the 3rd minute and the 40th minute and Teerasak Phimai. 8th and 53rd before the Thai team came to lose the goal at the end of the game from the Roman Angkot penalty and it was the first goal for Laos in 24 years after losing the last goal for Laos in 1999 in the SEA Games by This morning, "Coach Har" Independent Sri Taro, coach of the Thai national team. led the players to practice at the EDC field to prepare the team before meeting Vietnam in the next game Ready to mention the next game that will meet with Vietnam has already planned the player And there is a way to play that will meet with Vietnam. Teerasak Phimai, Thai national team striker, said he was happy to help the team win this game. and hoping to win every remaining match to win the championship

Summarize the points table of Group B. 1st place Thailand 3 games with 9 points 2nd place Vietnam 3 games with 9 points 3. Malaysia 3 games with 3 points 4th place Singapore 3 games with 1 point 5th place Lao PDR kick 4 games with 1 point eliminated First, the next meeting program for the Thai team will meet Vietnam on May 11 at 7:00 p.m. at Prince Stadium, Channel 9, press 30, broadcast live to watch.

As for the movement of the Chaba Kaew team, “Coach Kang” Naruephon Kaenson has led the players to practice. at Wat Thep Phanom Secondary School Before the final game, the group stage will meet with the "host" Cambodia for Chaba Kaew and Cambodia, of course, after winning the first two games and having 6 equal points in the last game, if a draw Thailand is good enough to win the group. Because the door has lost better Training this time, “Coach Kang” mainly focuses on scoring goals. And this game may have to rotate the players. It's good for the players too. to experience international games Which the team already has a game plan, as for the pressure from the fans of the hosts are optimistic The more girlfriends come to watch. It is a good result for the players. he will learn How to play under pressure will be able to control himself

Summarize the points table, the Thai team competed in 2 matches, with 6 points equal to Cambodia, but the goal was better than the Thai team, 3rd place Singapore still did not have the same score as 4th place Lao PDR for the program, the Thai girls team met Cambodia at Smart R. SN Stadium today at 7:00 p.m.

movement The Thai girl rubber team who is supervised by "Coach Urgent" Danai Sriwatcharamethakul Head coach of the Thai national women's volleyball team Has led a team of young Thai girls, former champions led by Piyanut Pannoi, Thad Dao Nuekchaeng, Hattaya Bamrungsuk, Pimpichaya Kokram, Atcharaporn Kongyot, Chatchuon Moksri to practice at the gym Nesium Visakha in Phnom Penh to prepare for the first match against Indonesia today at 5:00 p.m. for the Thai women's team in Group A along with Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar

SEA Games Golf Yesterday was the first day at the Garden City Golf Club, a stroke play individual competition. Male "Fluke" Jiradej Chaowarat, a 21-year-old young golfer from Chonburi, was the Thai golfer who performed the best, ranked in the rankings. 3 joint at 2 under par, behind the co-leader from Vietnam and Malaysia, one stroke, and the performance of other young Thai golfers, Ashita Piamkulvanich, scores 1 under par "TK" Ratchanon Chantananuwat. Even-par and Asit Areephan, 1 over-par, female individual, Alla Galitsky, female swing champion The latest Asia-Pacific ranked second at 3 under par, two strokes behind Eng Jing Xuan of Malaysia, while two other Thai golfers, 18-year-old Nawaporn "Namphueng" Soontayaphas from Bangkok, ranked fourth. Participated in Event Par and Prim, Prat Nakorn ranked 7th, joined 1st over par.

Mr. Cherdkiat Atthakorn, Ambassador of Thailand to Phnom Penh, Cambodia has warned Thai athletes to take care of their health Because in Cambodia at this time the temperature is quite hot. Ask athletes to drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. and would like to encourage Thai athletes to be successful in the SEA Games Including a message to sports fans who come to support Thai athletes.

Summary of the latest gold medals, No. 1 Cambodia 37 gold medals, No. 2 Vietnam 29 gold medals and No. 3 Thailand national team 28 gold medals 23 silver medals 34 bronze medals .

Source: Thai News Agency

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