Invite to hunt ghosts and experience an abandoned cloister. The tenth lunar month merit-making event

Wat Huai Yot, Trang Province, invites you to hunt ghosts and experience an abandoned cloister. At the merit-making ceremony of the tenth lunar month unique Hidden morality about death The inescapable truth

Tenth lunar month traditional festival At Huai Yot Temple this year Create something new by inviting people to hunt and challenge ghosts and have a hair-raising experience. Go with the mystery at an abandoned cubicle by decorating an abandoned cubicle into a haunted house, decorating it with lights, colors, and bringing all the ghosts inside.

The temple said that it was arranged because they wanted to convey moral principles. matter of death that everyone must encounter It is a matter of truth and cannot be avoided. Or if anyone makes little merit and goes to hell, this will be the case. It's an exhibition. Don't look at the horror alone. I want you to go in and prove it.

The haunted house is one of the activities on Bun Sart Day of the 10th lunar month, "Sending Grandparents" of Huai Yot Temple, Huai Yot District, Trang Province, which takes place for 3 days and 3 nights from today until October 14. There is also a replica of a movie wig from the past. See the exhibition Beavis! Bun Duan Sib, parade of ghosts and ghosts decorated in fancy costumes

Tenth lunar month traditional festival It is a tradition to worship ancestors of the Southern people. To remember and express gratitude to those who have passed away. By performing a ceremony to dedicate merit to the spirits of ancestors and deceased relatives. It is believed that he will be released from imprisonment in hell every day of the waning moon of the 10th lunar month to return to the human world. Ask for merit to your children and relatives as they prepare a dedication to express their gratitude to the deceased. and will return to hell on the 15th day of the waning moon of the 10th lunar month.

Source: Thai News Agency