Indicates that people complaining about the dissolution of the area use their bias to make the story news.

Deputy Secretary Pheu Thai pointed out that people were looking to dissolve the party using prejudice. I hope it's only news, confirming that the party has never violated the law. "Nattawut" is a campaign assistant.

Chumsai Sriyapai, Pheu Thai Party's deputy secretary-general, said that as it appeared on the news that someone had petitioned the Election Commission to dissolve the Pheu Thai Party. And someone claiming to be a public lawyer commented that Mr. Nuttawut Saikua, director of the Pheu Thai family, took the stage to speak. considered to be the cause of the dissolution of the party Section 29 of the Political Party Act, he was of the opinion that when considering the facts, evidence and legal regulations, he would know that Mr. Nattawut Saikua had previously been sentenced in a general criminal case. Causing ineligibility to apply for election of MPs according to Section 98 (7) of the constitution only, but Mr. Nuttawut did not violate the election law and the court had a judgment to revoke the right to vote, so Mr. Nuttawut's voting rights still exist, hence he is an elector hired by candidates or political parties to participate in advertising campaign activities. Elections can be made according to Article 4 of the Election Commission's regulations on campaigning methods and prohibited characteristics in campaigning B.E. 2018, although not a member of the Pheu Thai Party can be a campaign assistant according to these regulations

"Pheu Thai family director position There is no law prohibiting it and it is not against the constitution. Or having any offense under the election law, Mr. Nuttawut was able to hold that position. In addition, the Pheu Thai Party has a party executive committee. and I am a member of the party's executive committee In the past, the Party has not allowed anyone who is not a party member to control, dominate, and direct the Party in a manner that directly or indirectly deprives the Party or its members of independence. The party's executive committee conducts political activities in all dimensions independently. can be considered a cause for the dissolution of the party It is not true and deviates from the facts. regulation and law It made people confused and misunderstood, ”said Mr. Chumsai.

Mr. Chumsai said that political parties are political institutions. which shows the collective will of the people In principle, minor offenses by some party members should not be punishable by the dissolution of the entire party. He never agreed with the dissolution of the party for reasons like this. because it destroys political institutions and undermining the political stability of the country Unless there are facts and empirical evidence that political parties clearly overthrow the democratic regime. therefore have enough weight to dissolve the party

“I understand that those who come out to move on this matter. want to make news only believed to be prejudiced against the Pheu Thai Party as far as i know Party members weren't thrilled by the singers or the media commentators. Dissolving the party was no fun. The Constitutional Court must consider factors surrounding facts and laws, evidence, all circumstances and the intentions of all parties involved. using the logic of both law and political science Recently, the President of the Election Commission has confirmed that whether to dissolve or not to dissolve the party is only a matter of independent discretion of the Constitutional Court. It emphasizes that the Constitutional Court mainly relies on facts and laws. It does not depend on anyone's actions and words. or even the powers and duties of the Election Commission according to the regulations and laws of the Election Commission It is only the person with the authority to present the matter only. therefore asked the people Confident that the Pheu Thai Party has not violated any laws that could cause the dissolution of the party And ready to come back to be a government for the people next time, ”said Mr. Chumsai.

Source: Thai News Agency

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