I’m afraid that I’ll go away and sleep in the durian garden. This year, the price is good, 180 baht per kg.

Tak, May 18 – Durians in Phop Phra District, Tak Province, prices soar, have to arrange guards to watch the garden day and night. I'm afraid that durian is gone. The seller ordered it for a good price, 180 baht per kilo.

This is a farmer's orchard. Ruam Thai Pattana Subdistrict, Phop Phra District, Tak Province, the harvest is almost time for harvest There were merchants who ordered them for 180 baht per kilogram.

"Uncle Chub", the owner of a durian orchard in the area of Moo 6, former sub-district headman Ruam Thai Pattana. become a farmer happy smile Today, a merchant came to order durian for a price of 180 baht per kilogram since it was planted. This year durian is expensive. Therefore had to lie down and watch, fearing that it would disappear Last year, it sold about 8-9 hundred thousand baht, while this year the production is very low, very attached to the baby. because the weather changes It's hot, it's cold being exposed to rain during flowering Durian Flower Salad Therefore, the yield is small, but the price is good, 180 baht per kilogram, will start cutting and buying next week. It is expected that the first time is about 2 tons, while the second generation is about August.

For Ban Ruam Thai Phatthana 8 durian, most of them grow Mon Thong varieties. There is a planting area of more than 100 rai, with a group of 18 farmers helping to discuss and help solve problems. garden maintenance section Most use manure, bio-fertilizers, no chemical fertilizers. because it is expensive Durian buyers are popular in the group's gardens because of the good quality. Meets export requirements. –

Source: Thai News Agency

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