Illegal Migrants from Myanmar Arrested

KANCHANABURI, Many provinces along the Myanmar border have been vigilant due to the influx of people from Myanmar illegally crossing the border into Thailand, both in search of employment and to escape internal conflicts within Myanmar. Authorities arrested 119 illegal migrants from Myanmar at various points in Kanchanaburi province during searches on five vehicles. Investigations revealed that most of the apprehended workers entered through natural channels, specifically through the Three Pagodas Pass in the Sangkhla Buri District. Upon entry, they were escorted by Myanmar nationals, traversing through the forests to avoid checkpoints or hiding within the woods, awaiting transportation to work in the inner provinces such as Samut Songkhram, Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, as well as southern provinces and Bangkok. Additionally, some groups of Myanmar nationals have fled due to political conflicts following the Myanmar government's announcement of criteria for conscription, setting the minimum age at 15 yea rs old to combat opposition groups. This led to Myanmar nationals fleeing the country and crossing over to Thailand. Source: Thai News Agency