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Half a millon ya baa pills and three kgs of Ice seized from an BMW

Highway police in Phitsanuloke province and anti-narcotics officials arrested two men and seized over half a million methamphetamine (ya baa) pills and three kilogrammes of crystal Ice from a car they had been chasing for speeding.

The black BMW SUV was spotted to be speeding past a highway police checkpoint in Wat Bot, the policemen and anti-narcotics agents then gave chase, suspecting that the car might have carried something illegal.

They found the car at a gas station in Tambon Don Thong, Muang district, and demanded a search. However, one of the two men in the car, identified later as Chalermphon Sriwanrom, claimed to be a police major. But when asked for his police ID card, he could not produce one.

So, the police and anti-narcotics agents searched their car and found six boxes and three plastic bags containing something in the car.

They opened the boxes and the plastic bags and found the illicit drugs.

Police said Chalermphon, 56, and Kittiwat Thanasinphisut, 52, took delivery of the drugs from Chiang Rai and intended to distribute them to their agents in Phitsanuloke, Phichit and Bangkok.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)