Government Proceeding with Its Plan to Tackle the PM 2.5 Problem

It has been suggested that PM 2.5 safety zones be arranged to prevent health-related conditions caused by particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5). The suggestion was contained in a study on guidance for preventing and tackling the PM 2.5 dust problem.

The Cabinet on 9 March 2021 acknowledged a report on this study, undertaken by the Committee on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of the House of Representatives.

In the report, the House Committee also suggested that the measurement of the amount of PM 2.5 dust in various areas should be on the same standards, so that there is unified information on the problem. Moreover, warnings on PM 2.5 should be issued, while research and development on hygienic masks against PM 2.5 dust should be carried out.

The Ministry of Interior and other relevant agencies have met to consider the suggestions. The Cabinet was told that the Department of Local Administration would encourage local administrative organizations to arrange PM 2.5 safe zones, as necessary, especially in areas considered by the Ministry of Public Health.

The Pollution Control Department has worked with other agencies in setting air quality standards and monitoring the measurement of PM 2.5. Warnings against PM 2.5 have already been issued through applications and websites. Reports on the PM 2.5 dust situation have been made through social media, as well.

The production of hygienic masks against PM 2.5 dust is more difficult than that of cloth masks. Production costs must also be considered. In this regard, various agencies, such as the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Interior, must work together for production standards, price control, and marketing promotion.

Source: The Government Public Relations Department

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