Go through the “Fruit Festival 2023”, bringing vendors to buy mangoes and open sales points across Thailand.

Nonthaburi, April 15 – Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade goes through the Fruit Festival 2023 with the Omkoi model, leading entrepreneurs to buy mangoes from farmers. since the beginning of the season Before bringing to open distribution points across the country pilot to buy mangoes Phitsanulok-Phichit before expanding to buy in other provinces Confident in pushing the price to a level better than last year

Mr. Wattanasak Sueaiam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, revealed that the department has moved forward with the "Omkoi Model" project and the "Fruit Festival 2023" project at the same time to help mango growers. since the beginning of the production season of 2023 by leading exporter entrepreneurs And 12 wholesale-retail stores, including Makro, Big C, Lotus, The Mall and Tops, Red Lemon Co., Ltd., MT Fruitland Co., Ltd., Nana Fruit Co., Ltd., Studio G Bar Co., Ltd. Lchemist Co., Ltd., Mister Fruity Co., Ltd. and One Phitsanulok Co., Ltd. purchased more than 16,000 tons of mangoes at market prices from farmers in 10 groups, 7 districts, 2 provinces, namely Phichit Province, the Great Mango Group, Pestle Lek (Khlong Sai Subdistrict, Wang Thap Sai Subdistrict), Mueang District (Ban Bung Subdistrict), Dong Charoen District (Nam Khun Noen Subdistrict), Wang Sai Phun District (Nong Pla Lai Subdistrict Wang Sai Phun Subdistrict) and Phitsanulok Province Big plot of mango group, Muang District (Ban Khlong Wang Ruea Subdistrict), Wang Thong District (Subdistrict

However, the department has also linked local entrepreneurs such as local heirs clubs. to buy mangoes from farmers then brought to open distribution points in local department stores across the country and went in to buy To be sold in 100 mobile commercial locations across Bangkok (Bangkok) as well, which will also open a distribution point called Fruit Festival 2023 to help find markets and distribute mango production to farmers. And there will be a big event in the Fruit Festival 2023 section to help drain overall fruit production. And encourages the consumption of fruit to increase again.

However, as a result of the Department bringing entrepreneurs to buy Fah Lan mango products. from the beginning of the season and rapidly spread outside the production area As a result, the current price of Falan mango is 10-12 baht per kilogram (kg), higher than last year's price at 6-7 baht per kg. Currently, it's at 30-40 baht per kg, higher than last year's at 15-20 baht per kg. continually and bring the produce to be sold to consumers And confident that the mango price this year will be in good shape

However, in 2023, the Department expects that the overall mango production will total 1.34 million tons, an increase of 4%, so it has discussed with relevant agencies, both government and private sectors. to prepare aid measures And began to visit the area of Wang Thong District, Phitsanulok Province to monitor the situation of mango production. and seek help in advance This year, it was found that the output was slower than last year. It is expected that the products will begin to enter the market in mid-April 2023. by the previous The Ministry of Commerce has prepared proactive fruit management measures for the year 2023 with a total of 22 measures taken care of from production. Domestic, international and legal marketing To take care of the fruit yield that is expected to be released to the market about 6.78 million tons, an increase of 3%, with measures to find a market in advance, totaling more than 700,000 tons and aiming to push fresh and processed fruit exports 4. 44 million tons, an increase of 10%, including discussions with relevant agencies Both public and private sectors such as fruit entrepreneurs farmer representative Retail-wholesale Petrol stations, logistics, airlines, representatives of financial institutions to prepare measures to take care of fruit in the year 2023 already.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency