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GLO to propose online lottery to resolve batch selling

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) will hold a public hearing of its new lottery bill which will include the online lottery sale on Aug 21.

If agreed, it will forward the bill to the Ministry of Finance to propose to the cabinet for approval.

According to GLO spokesman Thanawat Pholwichai, the online lottery will resolve the long-standing of batch selling of lottery tickets by vendors with same number once and for all, as prizes will be fairly shared by customers.

Mr Thanawat's disclosure came after he led a team of lottery officials to inspect lottery booths at Khok Wua intersection yesterday (Aug 8) to find if any batch selling is practised by vendors.

The inspection came after a retired police officer won a total of 180 million baht for the first prize winning from 60 lottery tickets having same number he bought from a single vendor.

GLO spokesman Thanawat PholwichaiNormally first prize for a 80-baht lottery ticket wins only six million baht.

The payment of such a huge prize of 180 million baht to one winner broke the GLO's first prize payment history since it's establishment.

The unusual prize payment was blamed on the batch selling which the GLO has earlier banned with warning that any lottery vendor practising batch selling will lose their lottery quota sale for life.

Although batch selling is not illegal, but the GLO said this pattern of selling is one reason of overpricing which it has tried to resolve, but fails.

Mr Thanawat said batch selling also discouraged other people from winning first prize.

He said batch selling was possible only when lottery agents pooled together same numbers and sold to sub-agents and vendors.

Therefore this allowed them to overcharge lottery price from the control price of 80 baht. He estimated that not less than 30% of every lottery quota for every fortnight draw are batched and overcharged.

Most stem from personal requests from lottery buyers who hope to hit the jackpot.

He said the GLO has already issued regulations forbidding batching similar numbered tickets among quota recipients.

Thus far, 3,000 parties have been caught violating the rules and have had their privileges revoked, among them is the vendor who sold 60 tickets with same number to the retired police officer, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)