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“Gen. Prawit” satisfied with video calls students to reduce conflicts

Bangkok, April 7- "Gen. Prawit" is satisfied with the video call talk. Prof. believes that conflict can be reduced, repeating that the PPP party members campaign for a constructive vote. Emphasis on creating understanding of youth Don't fall into the trap of other parties. The incident that saw discredit linked to the coup

Reporters reported that During this election campaign, the party's leader, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, emphasized that all party leaders and MP candidates must find creative voices. Don't attack and throw mud, obey the law, don't use violence at all, because Gen. Prawit has assessed that During this period, some parties tried to manipulate the trend. And discredit the Palang Pracharat Party in supporting the seizure of power in the past, but General Prawit gave a guideline that should clarify to the people that the party adheres to the rules and maintains democracy, including Gen. Prawit, who has helped coordinate the conflict in the past so that the country can move forward and return to democracy as soon as possible. In the future, the conflict must decrease. and finally fade away

There are news reports indicating that General Prawit told the party leaders to notify the candidates. MPs when visiting the area that In the past, youths of the Three Fingers group protested against General Prawit, such as Ms. Juthathip Sirikhan or Hua, the leader of the Thammasat Front and the rally. Who came to give three fingers to General Prawit in the election campaign MP Laksi-Chatuchak, but General Prawit greeted and reiterate that they are descendants until the event does not escalate

Like the case of Ms. Passarawalee Thanakitwibulphol or Mind, the leader of the 2020 People's Party group, who came to ask for an interview with Gen. Prawit, which Ms. Passarawali told the media that After talking with Gen. Prawit found a good signal. It means that the three-fingered youths who oppose it If you talk to Gen. Prawit, then he will understand and adjust his positive stance, including General Prawit, who is always ready to talk to all parties. to make the atmosphere of the country better This is in line with the campaign guidelines that overcome conflicts.

News reports inform that Gen. Prawit emphasized that if youths want to come and talk to him or the leaders of that party. Please adhere to the law and good culture of the country. anything that comes to talk Or demand if they are in the way and the law can work together, and in the past, Gen. Prawit was satisfied with talking to youth. Students from many institutes at the FC Lung Pom Facebook group have made a video call for General Prawit to communicate with the new generation. Because the new generation has reflected on many problems for General Prawit and the FC Lung Pom team to consider and solve. It was found that the attitude of the new generation is ready to join hands with various parties to reduce conflict. And there is no anti-Gen. Prawit attitude, this makes Gen. Prawit confident that if the space is opened for the new generation to fully communicate with various party leaders The misunderstanding was the source of strong political opinions. will be able to lower the level

While General Prawit sees the new generation as the power of the country If the party provides information that the new generation can understand in line with the new generation's way of overcoming conflicts and understand the lenient and use kindness to each other Guidelines for conducting political activities of the country There will be an atmosphere that reduces conflicts. that the party should receive cooperation To help push through the new generation will help to be another important force in the development of the country. from powerful older generation And have experience working with new generations, a good political atmosphere will increase many times more

So the applicant Party MPs need to increase their love and understanding in order to avoid conflicts during the campaign and from now on until the end of the election period and use methods to create reconciliation in all areas. at To be the principle of unity of the Thai people in society in the future to reduce conflict and bring peace to society.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency