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Free whistles distributed to Thammasat students as self-defence

Hundreds of whistles have been distributed to Thammasat University students on Monday and Tuesday as part of the Make Your Voice Louder programme launched by the university's student organization in cooperation with the student council of the university's Rangsit campus and the broadcasting club of the university.

The student organization said in its web page: It is a question that many people doubt and pay attention to � how good the whistle is and how it can help in self-defence?

It went on saying that a whistle can be carried anywhere and can be used in case of emergency, especially when an untoward incident such as a snatching took place in a crowded venue or a woman was molested on a bus.

The student organization is still offering whistles free of charge to anyone who would like one at Room 313 of Thammasat University or at the student activities building of the Rangsit campus from Monday-Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm.

The Make Your Voice Lounder programme was launched in the aftermath of an incident when a Thammasat University female students at Rangsit campus was approached by a stranger who tried to sexually assaulted her.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)