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Four garbage disposal projects in Samui launched

The Clean Samui Project which was initiated by Thai PBS to encourage public participation in garbage disposal has resulted to the creation of four projects in four different spots on the Samui island.

The first project is the joint cooperation effort of communities in Choeng Mon beach and 3-4 hotels in the same area to turn wet garbage into bio fuel and organic fertilizer. Today, as many as 18 hotels have joined the project.

The second project is located on Lamai beach with hotels participating in the project serving as the learning centre for garbage disposal. Knowledge earned from the learning centre is applied for use in hotels, schools and communities. The Lamai group hopes to expand its network to cover20-30 hotels.

Bor Pud project. The project area is mostly made up of food stalls and restaurants. It focuses on the model of exchanging of garbage between communities to be utilized to meet each community's objective.

The Walking Street project which emphasizes on separation of garbage for disposal.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)