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Found it! “Grandma Daeng” was lost in the forest for 3 days, drinking water to quell her hunger.

Found! "Grandma Daeng", 63 years old, from Surin, after going out to look for mushrooms and getting lost in the forest for 3 days, was found in a weary state. They lived and drank water in the creek to cope with their hunger. Officers transported him to the hospital, where he is safe.

This is the moment when officials found Grandma Daeng or Grandma Lamai, 63 years old, from Surin Province, who had been lost in the forest for 3 days after going mushroom hunting with her family of 5 people on September 15th. Within the Huai Thap Than-Huai Samran Wildlife Sanctuary Forest, Sangkha District, Surin Province, which since that day Officials are continuously mobilizing search forces.

Until yesterday (September 17, 2023), officials found Grandma Daeng. Lying in the stream channel in the forest About 4-5 kilometers away from the scene of the incident, he disappeared in a weary state and was still conscious. Grandma Daeng cried and was grateful that the officials had helped her find her. before taking Grandma Daeng onto a motorcycle to be taken to the hospital immediately

As for Sangkha Hospital, relatives were waiting and when Grandma arrived Everyone rushed towards him. Some even cried with joy at Grandma's safe return. Initially after receiving treatment Grandma's condition is fine. But my body is still tired from not eating for 3 days.

Grandma Daeng said that she could not find her way back. So he kept walking until he came across a creek. and sat and waited in that area Hopefully someone will come by. They drank water from the creek because they were very hungry and cold. They had to use the balm they carried with them to apply to their throats and noses all the time. So glad to be back. Thank you to the officials and those involved in every sector. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency