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Former school director ruled guilty of taking 7-8 million baht bribes from parents to enrol their kids in his school

The disciplinary committee investigating the alleged bribery charge against a former director of Samsen Wittayalai school has ruled he was guilty, and will be summoned to acknowledge the charge within 15 days.

The investigation result was revealed yesterday (Monday) by Lt Gen Kosol Prathumchat, advisor to the Minister of Education at a press conference.

He said not only the director of Samsen Witthayalai school Mr Viroj Samruan was found to be guilty of taking bribes, his deputy and another staff were found to be involved in bribe taking.

He said the disciplinary committee not only found the former school director has demanded bribes from the parent of a student as exposed in a controversial video clip which went viral, it also found him guilty in other bribery case involving 7-8 million baht.

The advisor to the minister said the former director, his deputy and another staff were found to take the money from parents and failed to pass on to the school coffer.

He said the former director and the two others would be summoned to acknowledge the charges within 15 days.

For the former director, his guilts were obvious as he took the money but failed to hand over to the school coffer, Lt Gen Kosol said.

He said if these officials didn't contest the ruling within the said period, the committee would then hand over its finding to the Bangkok Educational Commission for action which include dismissal without pension or fired with pension.

The former school director was accused of demanding 400,000 baht tea money, from a parent for enrollment of their son into the school.

The act was secretly videotaped and later posted on social media, triggering widespread criticism of the school director's behaviour.

The Office of the Basic Education Commission (Obec) later set up a fact finding committee and found there was ground in the alleged bribery.

The alleged demand for the 400,000 baht tea money, occurred on April 19, 2017 which was during a period when the mobilisation of resources was prohibited. On that day, no receipt was issued.

However, a receipt was issued retroactively on June 20. The committee ruled this was in breach of the Finance Ministry's regulation.

Later a committee was appointed to look into disciplinary action against Mr Viroj in July.

If found guilty, he would be subjected to disciplinary action, which could be a dismissal.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)