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Former IPD deputy chief to clarify the paintings theft incident within Feb 20

The former deputy director-general of Intellectual Property Department Mr Supat Sa-ngundeekul who was caught stealing cheap hotel paintings in Japan last month has asked for five days until February 20 to make a written clarification about the incident.

Pol Col Dusadee Arayavuth

Justice deputy permanent secretary Pol Col Dusadee Arayavuth who chairs the disciplinary committee investigating the incident said that Mr Supat reported himself to him on Wednesday to acknowledge the charges against him.

The meeting was brief and took about 15 minutes during which Mr Supat promised to present his clarification in writing within February 20, he added.

Pol Col Dusadee said Mr Supat could present his written clarification himself or send it directly to the committee's secretary.

The clarification will be considered along with the information that the committee had obtained from the Thai consular office in Japan as well as consequences from the incident toward the image of the department and Thailand, he said, adding that he expected the case to be resolved within this month or next as the latest.

He disclosed that there are only two choices of penalty for Mr Supat: dismissal without pension or dismissal with pension.

Mr Supat was released by Japanese police after he paid the cost of the three paintings worth about 15,000 yen to the hotel.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)