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Food prices at Don Meuang airport 30-50% higher than on streets : Thai PBS survey

Food at Don Meuang airport are about 30-50 percent higher than food sold outside the airport, according to a random survey of food prices conducted by Thai PBS reporters.

However, there is a food court or food centre next to the parking lot of Building No 1 that offers varieties of food at more affordable prices, although slightly higher than food outside the airport.

The problem is that this food court is wellknown and frequented by among airport officials and some tour guides who usually bring their Chinese tourists to eat there instead of eating at the other eateries elsewhere inside the airport.

For instance, the Magic Cafe zone on the 4th floor of Building Two which is popular among Thai and foreign passengers, there is a wide range of food selections for customers, be it Thai, Japanese, Korean food as well as fast food. To buy food here, customers need to buy food coupons.

Thai PBS reporters checked the prices of food here and found the followings: a dish of khao mun gai costs 80 baht a plate or 150 baht per set which includes a bottle of water; 80 baht for a dish of rice and curry or 90 baht with two side dishes and rice; Korean food starts at 350 baht per set; egg noodles priced between 80-100 baht; a bottle of 750 cc water costs 10-20 baht.

Outside the Magic Cafe zone on the same floor, there are eateries that sell food and drinks. A sandwich costs 139 baht but a set which includes a bottle of water costs between 208-258 baht, a set of burger plus water costs 125-179 baht, a bowl of rice porridge with shrimp or chicken costs 129 baht.

However, some tourists prefer to buy drinks and food at convenience stores on the second floor of Building Two where prices are slightly higher than shops outside the airport � between 5-15 baht.

For instances, a pack of bread costs 20-35 baht; instant food starts at 50 baht, a bottle of 750cc drinking water costs 10-20 baht.

But the food court or food centre near the parking lot of Building One offers food and drinks at much affordable prices.

It is here where most airport officials and employees visit each day to have food. There are many menus and food prices range from 30-100 baht per plate of one side-dish up to several side dishes depending on the wishes of the customers.

Meanwhile, Airports of Thailand on Wednesday clarified that the prices of food and drinks on sale in airports are controlled by the AOT at not exceeding 20-25 percent for similar food and drinks on sale outside the airport, depending on the economic conditions and locations of each airport which may vary from place to place.

AOT regularly checks the prices of food and drinks on sale at airports to ensure that they comply with the set conditions and good cooperation has been received from the traders and operators of the eateries.

AOT said the reports in Japanese media that food and drinks sold at Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports are very expensive are not accurate. It said, for instances, a bottle of 500 cc drinking water costs no more than 10 baht and a bottle of mineral water costs 25-50 baht depending on brands.

The company further said it had requested food sellers to add at least one economy side-dish food in their menus.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)