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Final hearing on rice-pledging scam set on July 21

The court trial of the rice-pledging scam is now close to coming to an end next month with the final hearing of witnesses testifying in favour of the former prime minister Ms Yingluck Shinawatra set on July 21.

Defense lawyer Norawich Laengla said there will be three more hearings of the rice case before the case closes and verdict handed down.

He said the last three hearings are set on June 29, July 7, and July 21.

The June 29 will see 3 witnesses testifying for Ms Yingluck, and July 7 by 8 defense witnesses.

The final hearing on July 21 will have 8 witnesses testifying for her, he said.

He said after the final hearing, it will depend on the court whether hearing of more witnesses should be allowed or not.

On the final hearing date, the Supreme Court ? will consider the date for either verbal or written statement by the defendant to close the case, and also the date when it will hand down the verdict, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)