Explain that the budget is high but is actually spent and the rest is returned to the council.

Padipat" confirms that the budget has been set to visit Singapore in accordance with regulations, transparent and auditable, pointing out that it must be set high first. But when actually used, the remaining amount will be returned to the House of Representatives on Sept. 20 to announce again.

Mr. Padipat Santipada, 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, spoke about the case of the spokesman for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. Observed that arranging people to go see the work in Singapore used an inflated budget. If there are project expenses, expenses must be reported according to budget regulations 1, Budget Office. Ministry of Finance How much can I withdraw for the trip? Therefore, set the maximum budget first. But spending is based on what actually happens. which is cheaper than budgeted And when the budget is left, it must all be returned to the treasury.

“Reserving accommodation and travel is a matter for officials to proceed according to regulations. But I have a policy not to go too far. They even said to fly budget airlines. And the cost of accommodation doesn't have to be 12,000 baht, just 7,000 - 8,000 is enough, but sleeping in a hostel isn't a problem. The officials went and did their homework. But there are regulations that I have to fly with the national airline,” Mr. Padipat said.

As for the observation, it is not an urgent matter. There is no need to use a budget that is not worthwhile. Mr. Pradipat said that he would like to wait and see the results of his work after returning first. Don't make predictions before you go. It is considered strange. So please wait and see what reports will come back when you go. It will be sent to the relevant minister and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. This trip to see the event wasn't just me. But there are other agencies that need to be watched. Both independent organizations, courts, commissioners, and the government also went to see a great deal of work abroad.

“This is a good opportunity for society to ask questions about this matter. It confirms that everything is done with transparency and is ready for inspection. This criticism will not cause any interruption in traveling to see foreign events this time. Because everything follows the steps and will make an official statement on September 20,” Mr. Padipat said.

Mr. Padipat said that his trip to Singapore this time was to see work on Smart and Open pariment, dust management and the lives of Thai people in Singapore. which everyone who goes All are involved in driving parliament to be transparent. Everyone is highly efficient. The MPs who joined the group also expressed their interest in parliamentary affairs. He has also invited the government coalition parties. Both the Bhumjaithai Party and the Pheu Thai Party It is not aimed at taking only people from the opposition. Because it is the job of the legislative branch.

Source: Thai News Agency

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