Engage designers to develop packaging and trademarks for the GI Group

Department of Intellectual Property Moving forward with the project to develop Thai Geographical Indication (GI) packaging for the 7th consecutive year, bringing in professional designers to develop packaging and trademarks for GI entrepreneurs for more than 10 products, aiming to create additional value. Ready to convey the story of GI products through packaging that is modern and meets the needs of use.

Mr. Wutthikrai Leeveeraphan, Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property, revealed that Geographical Indications or GIs are a type of intellectual property that is a community right. and is a tool for adding value to local products, all of which GI products have their own unique characteristics As a result of the geography, climate and wisdom of each locality. It also has outstanding quality and is accepted by both Thai and foreign consumers. It is considered an important soft power that plays a role in driving the grassroots economy. It can generate income for the country of more than 51,000 million baht/year. The Department of Intellectual Property is therefore committed to proactively promoting GI products in every dimension. Both in terms of GI registration and product quality control. Promoting marketing and creating added value for GI products in order to encourage local entrepreneurs to be able to use the GI system for commercial use to its fullest potential.

In this regard, the development of packaging It is part of marketing promotion and adding value to GI products by "packaging" making the product stand out. and helps prevent product damage It's like dressing up GI products that already have quality to be beautiful and attractive to consumers. It is also able to convey the story of the history of the product very well. This year, the department invited national award-winning designers with a lot of experience, such as Mr. Tos Panyawat Pitaksawan, an artist who has been awarded Selected directly from Adidas Global or Adidas Headquarters in Germany, etc., to come and design packaging for GI product entrepreneurs who have received packaging development.

For GI products that have designed packaging, such as Mayongchit Nakhon Nayok of Nakhon Nayok Province, Luk Yiya Rang of Pattani Province Dried bananas in Bang Krathum, Phitsanulok of Phitsanulok Province Bannang Sata Hin Banana of Yala Province Yokkamlabrinan of Nan Province Samut Songkhram Big White Pomelo of Samut Songkhram Province house-built reed mats of Prachinburi Province Sa Kaeo Nam Dok Mai Mango of Sa Kaeo Province Bang Kla Nam Hom Coconut of Chachoengsao Province Phuket Pineapple of Phuket Province and Sangkhalok Sukhothai Sukhothai Province, etc.

“The Department of Intellectual Property has produced prototype packaging for entrepreneurs. To meet the needs of consumers in both domestic and international markets. It can be said to be a combination of "science" and "art" together. Until becoming clothing for complete GI products, adding value to community products in a sustainable way. and ready to step into the international market with strength,” Mr. Wutthikrai said.

For the project to develop geographic indication packaging It is an activity that the department has carried out continuously since 2017 and has received very good feedback. There are still many GI entrepreneurs interested in joining the project. Next year, the Department plans to double the number of GI products in order to develop trade competitiveness in the international market to cover GI products throughout the country and Promote Thai GI products for sustainable growth

Source: Thai News Agency

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