Election Commission’s secretary shares lessons on election issues promise not to repeat

Bangkok, May 17 – "Sawaeng" sends a line to the Office of the Election Commission of Thailand to raise a lesson on the problem of organizing elections. Promise not to repeat the same problem, accepting that the MWA is still a problem, but believing it will improve.

Today (May 17, 2023), reporters reported that Mr. Sawaeng Boonmee, Secretary-General of the Election Commission of Thailand, sent a message in the LINE group of the Election Commission of Thailand after the election on May 14 that he agreed with the problem of speech restrictions. Talk to the network through the national stage as well as talk to the network at the provincial stage. Because they are really collaborators. It's the most important job. will find a way to proceed with the most benefit

By electing this time, it is like completing a course. who has been aware of the problem and sometimes he goes to solve many problems by himself Ready to promise that these problems will not happen again. where the problem has been solved “Next time, plan from past problems. Only the problem remains The only problem is likely to remain a problem for the MWA. But it will probably get better, ”said Mr. Sawang.

The Election Commission secretary also discussed zoning issues, submission of recommendation letters, political party policies, registration, pre-voting, ECT reports, improper budgeting, administrative finances. , sequencing tasks, etc. have seen all the problems I believe it's very easy to fix. before expressing certainty that If there is an opportunity to work together again These problems will not occur. And will work with comfort - happier than this time. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency