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Dusadee: Sub Wapee will not testify as his testimony may cause confusion

Justice deputy permanent secretary Dusadee Arayawuth is satisfied with the testifying of its witnesses in the pre-retrial hearing of the hit-and-run case held at the Nakhon Phanom provincial court on Wednesday and today (Thursday).

Pol Col Dusadee, however, said that the ministry's legal team would not present Sub Wapee, the man who claimed to be the owner of the pick-up truck engaged in the fatal accident, for testifying as this cause confusion and complicate the case.

He explained that there was no precedent that the claim by one person that he committed an offence and that he had paid compensation to a victim of his offence would change a court's verdict.

Dusadee said that the ministry would focus on scientific and forensic evidences to convince the court to grant a retrial for Mrs Jomsap Sanmuangkote who claimed she was wrongfully charged, prosecuted and convicted of the fatal accident which she did not commit because she was not in the pickup truck that was involved in the accident.

If the truck in question was never involved in an accident, that means Mrs Jomsap may be innocent, he said.

The deputy permanent secretary for justice insisted that the ministry's responsibility is to ensure fairness to Mrs Jomsap.

Mrs Jomsak was sentenced by the Supreme Court to four years imprisonment, but she actually served about 18 months behind bars and was released recently. She is seeking a retrial of her case to redeem her reputation and teaching occupation.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)