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DSI to continue checking monks’ ID cards

Officials of the Department of Special Investigation will carry out checking the ID cards of monks inside Wat Dhammakaya in a bid to weed out outsider monks who do not have residence in the temple as officials start to deal harshly with law-defying followers.

DSI director-general Pol Col Paisit Wongmuang assured on Monday that authorities had no intention to defrock any monks inside the temple but merely wanted to make sure that outsider monks should leave the temple.

DSI officials led by Paisit met this morning with representatives of the police, the army and the National Buddhism Office to make an assessment of the latest developments in and around the temple and on the screening monks and lay people in the temple compound.

An ultimatum was issued by the DSI for outsiders who do not have residence in the temple to leave the temple by 3 pm. But the ultimatum was defied. Also, 14 monks who were believed to be the core leaders of the resistance have defied the order to report themselves to the DSI for questioning.

Pol Col Paisit stressed the need to keep all the gates at the temple shut, saying that the temple has been declared a restricted zone.

He said officials had not stopped water and electricity supplies to the temple yet, but warned that stiffer measure would be adopted if followers continue to defy the authorities and provoke violence.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)