DSI submits the case of importing 21 registered vehicles for tax evasion to the prosecutor

DSI, May 25- DSI sent a special case case involving the importation of 21 registered assembled cars into the kingdom. by avoiding paying duty to the prosecutor of the Office of Special Case along with the opinion that a total of 4 suspects should be prosecuted

Pol.Lt.Col. Suriya Singhamol, Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation, assigned Pol.Lt.Col. Wisetkhetkarn Director of Banking and Money Laundering Litigation Division Head of Special Investigation Committee traveled to deliver the case investigation report No. 86/2562 to the prosecutor Office of Special Litigation With an opinion that 4 suspects should be indicted, consisting of juristic persons which are companies that import used used car frames and used engines, amounting to 2 companies and directors of juristic persons. 2 importers at the time of the incident on charges of offenses “Together bring goods that pass through customs.

in the kingdom by avoiding or trying to avoid paying duty 2560, Section 243, Section 253 (Section 27 of the Customs Act, B.E. 2469), conjunction with the Customs Tariff Act B.E. 2530, Section 6 and the Code Criminal Law Article 83

This case is a follow-up to an extended investigation into the process of importing illegally registered automobiles. by a group of Special Investigation Officers to inspect the establishment used as a car assembly place from used car frames and used engines imported into the Kingdom. which from the search of such establishments Several suspicious cars were found parked. It is a car in the process of filing excise tax payment in order to be registered as a registered vehicle with the Department of Land Transport. The Special Case Investigation Officers therefore seized all the cars for inspection.

Later investigation found that The 21 cars in this case had chassis numbers and engine numbers that match those produced at factories of overseas automakers. and also investigated and found that the company imports used used car frames and used engine importers are related to each other This is evidence that shows that the two companies jointly intend to bring 21 intermediate cars, which are the same cars that have been used abroad. And it is an item that used to be assembled into a complete thing (car) in a foreign country into the kingdom. with the method of separating parts imported into separate parts from each other and when the used car frame and used engine have already been brought into the Kingdom It will be assembled into a complete car as before in the Kingdom. which is considered an avoidance of the duty to be levied on the complete thing And causing the state to lose revenue in the amount of tax that should be collected from importing goods

The Special Case Investigation Team therefore referred the case to the Customs Department to consider the facts and evidence. And later, the Customs Department assessed the lack of duty for cars from importers according to Section 6 of the Customs Tariff Decree B.E. The importer company and the juristic director at the time of the incident totaled 4 people in this case.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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