DSI raids and arrests executives who imported 4 tax-evading luxury cars worth 59 million.

DSI raids and arrests directors of a company importing luxury cars at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Before leaving the country After evading import taxes on 4 Lamborghinis with a total value of more than 59 million baht

These are four Lamborghinis evading taxes that officials from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) seized last year. All four cars are one gray Lamborghini Gallardo, two white and one black.

In this case, officers discovered that the director of a company imported luxury cars. jointly imported 4 Lamborghini cars between July and October 2013 to avoid taxes. With a total value of more than 59 million baht, officials seized all 4 vehicles last year. and the suspects were found in a group of car tents along the Ramindra-At Narong Expressway. But Ms. Kotchapon has not yet been brought to report the allegations.

The DSI therefore submitted a request for court authority to issue a total of 4 arrest warrants, dated November 22, 2023, until last Tuesday. DSI officers along with police raided and arrested him at Suvarnabhumi Airport. While about to travel out of the country Charged with bringing goods that have passed or are going through customs procedures into the Kingdom by intentionally avoiding paying duties. Handed over to special investigation officers Person responsible for special case investigation Proceed according to law.

Source: Thai News Agency