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Don’t miss watching Super Full Moon on the night of December 3, says astronomer

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) invites the people to watch the Moon on the night of December 3 when it will be at the nearest to the Earth and becomes Super Full Moon.

The Moon will be 357,973 kilometres from the Earth on this night and it will be slightly larger and brighter than normal, according to Dr Saran Posayachinda, executive director of the NARIT.

He said the Super Full Moon will be visible in the east of the night sky of December 3 after the sun sets from 6.00pm.

The phenomenon occurs when the moon comes nearest to the centre of the Earth on its orbit around the Earth in a month or call perigee. It will be about 357,973 kilometres away.

At that distance, the Moon will be about 14% larger and 30% brighter than when it is at the farthest orbit from the Earth or call apogee, about 406,700 kilometres away.

Dr Saran added that the largest Super Full Moon for next year will fall on January 2 when it will be about 356,595 kilometres from the Earth.

Full moons normally occur when the Earth is directly in line between the moon and the sun.

Appearing every 29 and half days, they take place when the Moon is completely illuminated by the Sun's rays.

According to astronomer, Super Full Moon is a natural part of the moon cycle and happens around once a year.

Although the differences in apparent size and brightness amount to few percent, but they can enhance the already beautiful sight of the full moon, making a supermoon worth looking up for.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)