Discussing the Ministry of Public Health’s announcement of 5 methamphetamine pills as a user.

Ombudsman, "Ombudsman" discusses announcement by Ministry of Public Health of 5 amphetamine pills as a user. "Commander Taem-Criminologist" asked to be sent to the Administrative Court for consideration. Pol. Lt. Col. Keerap Krittheeranon, secretary-general of the Office of the Ombudsman Chaired the meeting to consider the facts in the case of Pol. Maj. Gen. Wichai Sangprapai, former deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police. Submit a request to the Ombudsman to consider and submit an opinion to the Administrative Court for decision. that in the case of the Ministry of Public Health announcing ministerial regulations specifying the amount of narcotics and psychotropic substances that are presumed to be in possession in 2024, one of them stipulates that the amount of possession of methamphetamine not exceeding 5 tablets and ice not exceeding 100 milligrams is possession for take and that person shall be considered a patient Is there a problem of constitutionality and being contrary to good morals of the pe ople? By inviting representatives of relevant agencies such as Ministry of Public Health Ministry of Interior Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Royal Thai Police Office of the Narcotics Control Board Office of the Attorney General and the Department of Medical Services join the discussion Pol. Maj. Gen. Wichai, who came to explain the matter, stated that because he saw that the said ministerial regulations It is against peace and order and does not create good results for the people. On the contrary, it creates more harm to the people. and announcement of ministerial regulations Didn't follow academic principles There was a rush to issue the announcement. It is believed that the announcement was behind the scenes. I believe there will be problems later. For example, this morning (April 1) there was news of people crazy about drugs. beheading mother and carried the dishonest head It is caused by the dangers of amphetamines. It reflects that the state does not strictly control or have a policy to make addicts recover from their illnesses. Instead, the amount of medicine was used as an assumption. that he is an addict and create difficulties in the work of many officials Importantly, this policy encourages officials to become more dishonest. More crime problems creating more suffering for the people Therefore, it is considered that this announcement is contrary to public order. I want the Ombudsman to refer the matter to the Administrative Court to cancel it. To ensure the safety of the people Pol. Maj. Gen. Wichai also questioned why this ministerial regulation Therefore, it is stated that the medicine is bad for women. Must have no more than 10 tablets to be considered an addict. Because the person who will hold this medicine is a man who will put the medicine on a woman to eat and then sexually abuse her. No woman would use this medicine for herself. Therefore, I do not understand how this matter can be specified in the announcement of ministerial regulations because it is a matter that clearly affects the people. Police Lieutenant Colonel Kritsanaphong Putrakul or "Ajahn Tong", a criminologist, said that today he came to exchange academic opinions. with the Ombudsman and related agencies Personally, I believe that in order to issue a policy Or issuing such announcements must be based on main academic and research information, including information from the practitioner side. If you look back at the research I don't see that there is research in both the country and abroad that allows us to claim that possession of 5 methamphetamine pills is considered a drug user. These policies, if viewed from one perspective, the government may have good intentions. Separate between consumers and small traders. There are certain criteria as a dividing line. But every policy always has positive and negative sides. These policies may signal that we are not taking the drug suppression seriously. Because we only look at one dimension, that the addict is the patient. But actually there are many dimensions that the go vernment should look at, such as treatment, rehabilitation, and correction of drug addicts at the community level. Is it being carried out effectively? Are there enough treatment facilities? Who is hosting the staff, personnel, and budget? Is there enough power? 'But now it has become a loophole, a gap. For example, small traders sell drugs. They used to carry 10 - 15 tablets and changed to carrying 5 tablets. If the police find them, they assume they are a user. Even if you say that you have looked at the circumstances, you may be charged with being a trader. Even though there is only one grain of salt, in reality the people who will look at that situation are the police, the investigative department, but we all know that nowadays the police still have conflicts. which I hope will be reviewed By looking at the statistics since this announcement was issued. There have been legal proceedings against those in possession of drugs such as 5 pills. How many people have been charged with selling them?' Pol. Lt. Co l. Kritsanaphong However, from the review of Thailand's drug problem solving policy. It was found that there were very few seizures of assets in drug-related networks. When compared to the amount of medicine that occurs or increased network movement And drugs are associated with organized crime. transnational crime It involves some government officials as well. Therefore, we may have to look at the problem in all dimensions. Personally, I believe that whatever policy is announced must have an understanding of both knowledge and Academic principles and understanding from the practitioner's perspective Because in the end we agree for a peaceful and orderly society. Pol. Lt. Col. Kirap said that relevant agencies were invited to discuss today to review the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health regulations regarding drugs. Because there are people who have complained that it may be against the constitution or related laws. It may also be a problem and obstacle in the work of officials. or have an impact on society as a whole Therefore, relevant people were invited to listen to information that would be presented to the Ombudsman for a decision. There will be 2 cases. If it is against the law, the matter will be submitted to the Administrative Court. But if this Ministerial Regulation is still inappropriate and still has any flaws? It will be proposed to the relevant agencies for review. This is when the Ombudsman has received the action. If the matter will be sent to the court It must be considered and completed within 90 days from the date of receipt of the matter. Reporters reported that after the said meeting The Office of the Ombudsman will process comments. To submit the matter to the Ombudsman for consideration and resolution. Source: Thai News Agency