Dentist warns about the dangers of using the wrong type of toothbrush.

Ministry of Public Health, Dec. 8 – Department of Health warns of the dangers of using the wrong type of toothbrush. This is because the international news has reported news of people using toothbrushes successfully pushing out food stuck in their throats. but also swallowed a toothbrush Surgery may be required to remove the toothbrush from the abdomen.

Dentist Warangkana Vechawithi, director of the Office of Dental Public Health, said that from the case of international news reporting news of people using toothbrushes to push food stuck in their throats, it appeared that they were successful at pushing food. but also swallowed a toothbrush The doctor administered anesthesia. and can use the equipment to take out the brush From the said incident, it was found that this incident was not the first time. This is because there are reports of toothbrushes continually falling out into the throat. For different reasons The Department of Health therefore reminds the public. You should not use the wrong type of toothbrush. The same is true in the news. which the doctor may be able to help without surgery But there have also been cases in Thailand where a toothbrush has gotten stuck in the throat and had to be surgically extracted through the abdomen.

In this regard, a toothbrush is an important device for cleaning the mouth. Choose the right size for your mouth, not too big. You should choose medium, soft or extra soft bristles. To reduce harm to the tooth surface and gum line. The brush handle is just the right length. Easy to hold in the hand The ends of the bristles are rounded or tapered. The tip of the bristles are smooth, not zigzag, so that the toothbrush is as close to the surface of the neck of the teeth as possible. In general, toothbrushes should be changed every 3 months or when the bristles bloom. Because the efficiency of cleaning teeth will decrease. and may harm the gums while brushing your teeth.

Source: Thai News Agency