Commerce monitors the price of oil. If it drops a lot, the chances of the product will decrease accordingly.

Nonthaburi, April 7 – Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade informs good news. If the world oil price has dropped significantly, it will have a positive effect on the price of consumer goods and consumer goods will have a chance to decrease accordingly. The department has been closely monitoring the cost of living of the people. and also continues to ask for cooperation from entrepreneurs to help fix product prices during the Songkran festival And do not take advantage of the opportunity to raise the price of the product.

Mr. Wattanasak Sueaiam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, said it was good news in the case of oil prices. especially the price of diesel which has been greatly reduced Therefore, the opportunity for many consumer products to be reduced, which the Department is monitoring, if any product group has a significant reduction in production costs, various products will be reduced accordingly, depending on the cost of each product group. Overall, how much has decreased, which the department has notified various operators I was aware of this issue as well.

However, as far as tracking overall product prices, for example, the average price of red pork across the country was 153 baht/kg (kg), considered a 5% decrease from the previous year. The nationwide average price was 72 baht/kg, a 4% decrease from the previous year. Chicken drumsticks, the nationwide average price was 75 baht/kg, a 1% decrease; Hips, the nationwide average price was 78 baht/kg, a 1% increase; The average price was 78 baht/kg, down 5%, while number 3 eggs averaged 3.78 baht/egg, etc., while electrical appliances in the summer. It's not considered very expensive. which has received cooperation from various major stores and department stores do not increase the price of the product But these products are highly competitive. causing the price to not increase

Also during hot weather fresh vegetable products There will be both price increases and decreases according to weather conditions. Vegetables that tended to decline compared to the previous month were kale, yard long beans, cabbage, choy sum, Chinese cabbage, morning glory, while vegetables with higher prices were spring onions, coriander, chilli peppers. But these are short-term increases affected by the weather. As for the price of lemons, it is still high, but not too much, with the price of numbers 1-2 at 4.95 baht per piece, which in summer the price of lemons is higher. because of low productivity But the yield will come back in May, when the price of vegetables is high or in large quantities, the department will use a market linkage approach. so that the quantity and planting price of farmers are not too low

However, in addition to the market connection approach Taking care of ready-to-eat alternative food through Blue Flag Restaurant activities still in progress Which has received good cooperation from the department store with blue flag food as a choice for consumption which is still in operation, with more than 6,000 participating stores, with an alternative food price of 35 baht per dish as an alternative for consumers. The goal is to expand at least 8,000 stores, which the department will continue to support this project. At the same time, from January until now The Department of Internal Trade has taken action against 177 people who do not display price tags, and if any merchant cheats the product price is too high, they will be prosecuted according to the law.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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